2020 was certainly an unprecedented time for all of us and as we ease into a new year, we remain hopeful that while much still seems the same, change is upon us. It is with extreme gratitude that Wood Creations Furniture was able to keep our doors open, thanks to all of you. Our customers not only helped us financially, but equally critical was the opportunity to interact with all of you, both in person (socially distanced) and online. Your support, love, energy, and curiosity were what really kept us going this past year and we are so honored by each and every one of you who came through our doors, called us over the phone, or attended one of our workshops. We would not be here without you and we want to express our sincere thanks!

As we emerge from the holiday, in which we did take a few days off to spend time with our family, we feel a sense of refreshed renewal and purpose and we have faith in a bright new year ahead. We are making a few changes in the store during the month of January so stop on by and take a look at what’s new! We also, of course, have our schedule of workshops all set and ready, planned out through March. Our workshops gave us such delight in 2020, as we all crave that human connection with the added bonus of creativity. We look forward to another year of fantastic events that will appeal to all different kinds of folks! Even those who don’t consider themselves very crafty!

In continued good news, we will be hosting a few new Artisans here at the shop, and we couldn’t be more excited. We love the variety of creatives we collaborate with and are so proud of their individual and unique methods of artistry. You will see us begin to highlight them on our social media (check us out @woodcreationsfurniture) or when you have a moment, stop in!

Finally, we wish you and yours a blessed and beautiful 2021. We know that there are ongoing hardships for many of us. But we continue to turn to the Lord and our faith, hopeful for an ease of the burdens, knowing God will carry us through any storm. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need support or a prayer, you are all family to us.

With love, and stay safe and healthy~

The Wood Creations Furniture Family

BJ Powell

The Owner & leader of our Wood Creations Family